The book about the permanent exhibition gives an insight into everyday life in the bygone state in 199 colourful pages.

66 exciting chapters with more than 200 pictures and illustrations on the subject as well as the guiding objects of the permanent exhibition vividly describe everyday life in the DDR.


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The new "DDR Guide" is out now! For 5,90 EUR it is the perfect guide through the interactive permanent exhibition of the DDR Museum. Its 199 pages offer a wealth of information about life in the DDR.

It was written by the DDR Museum's experts and is illustrated with more than 200 pictures and illustrations over 66 exciting chapters. 17 main exhibits play an important role to show interesting facts about the DDR's history. Concise, entertaining and yet instructive texts will take you on an entertaining journey through time to a bygone state.

The "DDR Guide" is both, the book about the permanent exhibition as well as literature about everyday life in the DDR. It was published in German as well as English and is one of the rare publications in a foreign language that narrates about life in the DDR.

This book is in German.

Translations into Italian, Spanish and French have already been planned. 

Data sheet

  • Size 12,5 cm x 21,0 cm x 1,2 cm
  • Weight 348 g
  • Year 2017
  • Edition 3
  • Author Sören Marotz, Stefan Wolle, Elke Sieber
  • Language German
  • Cover softcover
  • Pages 199

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