"Bürokratopoly" is an educational game with a historical context. Martin Böttger, its author, gave it its tongue-in-cheek name in the 1980s. The game spread in the political underground of the DDR. 

This game is only available in German


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Games from the West spread beyond the borders of the Iron Curtain, they were known and copied in the DDR. The most notable in-country development was Martin Böttger's "Bürokratopoly", which he invented in 1983/84. Although Böttger was inspired by well-known games, like Risk or Monopoly, he created a new game that was not about war or money. The goal of this new game was the pursuit of power which, attempted in an ironic way, was to outline the social conditions of the DDR.

The aim of the game is to rise from the simple worker to the supreme figure in the state and become Secretary General of the SED. In order to ascend and stop the onrushing competitors, every means is justifiable: lying, electoral fraud, mutiny and much more.

Included: 1 folded game board (including a Stasi file) and 6 playing card sheets (to tear yourself) with 27 action cards and 48 voting cards. 

Not included: You will need dice and at least 5 playing pieces per player. The "Bürokratopoly" game piece set is not included in the price.

This game is only available in German.

Data sheet

  • Size 21,0 cm x 29,7 cm x 0,2 cm (A4)
  • Weight 197 g
  • Content 1 foldable game map with a total of 75 game cards on 6 sheets (to tear yourself)
  • Equipment The "Bürokratopoly" game piece set is not included and will not be delivered with this item.
  • Author Martin Böttger
  • Language German
  • Age 14 years+
  • Players 3-9 players
  • Playing time 45-75 minutes


Bürokratopoly – Spielanleitung


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