Supplies for "Bürokratopoly" – an educational game from the DDR


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Everything that you need to play "Bürokratopoly" - an educational game from the DDR

The delivery includes:

- 1 jute sack with a string to close it (unprinted)

- 3 dice

- 1 starter chip to indicate whose turn it is

- 9 coloured player markers in 9 different colours, so you know at any time
  during the game which game pieces belong to which player 

- 45 game figures (cones) in 9 different colours (height: 2,4 cm)

Data sheet

  • Size 14,5 cm x 19 cm x 1cm
  • Weight 80 g
  • Content 59 pieces
  • Material cotton, plastic (dice), wood (game pieces)
  • Players 3-9 players
  • Note not suitable for children under three years

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