15 cm tall plush figure with hat, beard and a little sandbag

"Our Sandman" is known from the eponymous, daily children's programme, which first aired in the DDR in 1959 and is still broadcast on public television today (licensed product).


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Without doubt, the Sandman has probably been the most successful children's programme for the last 50 years. With a daily bedtime story, the show helps millions of children end the day and fall asleep night after night.

The 15 cm Sandman doll is made of soft fleece material with many details such as the patch pockets on his jacket and has a plastic doll's head with painted eyes.

Data sheet

  • Size 11 cm x 15 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight 56 g
  • Packaging without
  • Material synthetic (cloth), plastic (head)
  • Colour red
  • Age 0 months+
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